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January 15, 2001


Eric Kvamme, our new Vice President, has our backlog of membership changes all caught up. Thanks Eric! If anyone has not had a response to their membership application within 6 weeks of sending it in, let us know.

On One Wheel

The latest issue of OOW (December 2000) is now out. If you haven't yet received your copy, it should come soon. Remember that it is a bulk mailing and delivery time can vary widely. The cover and feature story (by Tammy Marsh) is Unicycle Across Minnesota. There's also an article on building your own MUni (by Scott Bridgeman), a registration form for NUC 2001, as well as lots of other features and information.

Tammy and Tanya Marsh have volunteered to work on upcoming issues, with Connie Cotter overseeing/helping. This will likely be a transition time, with perhaps more of a team approach to producing the magazine.

from Tammy and Tanya Marsh

Hello, all you one-wheelers! We are getting started on the next issue of On One Wheel and we want to tell you how you can get involved! We hope to have the next issue out soon. It will focus on Nationals 2000. The issue after that will feature UNICON X. Feel free to send us...

  • Photos of Nationals and UNICON. Email or snail mail us pictures, the sooner the better. Or tell us links where we can find photos. Also provide identification of who’s in the photo and what they’re doing. Thanks!
  • Member news, about your clubs and other events.
  • Letters to the Editors.
  • If you have a story that you want to write, talk to us!

Contact us at: Tammy and Tanya Marsh, 1111 First Street, Brookings, SD 57006. Phone: 605-692-4770. Email: dagobahyoda@hotmail.com Thanks!! Tammy and Tanya in South Dakota http://MarshT.tripod.com

2001 NUC Registration, Accommodation and Scheduling
[by Don Tai]

The 2001 National Unicycling Convention, is to be held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada between July 15th and July 20, 2001. Information about the 2001 NUC is available from http://torontounicyclists.tripod.com or contact us at TorontoUnicyclists@Canada.com. To register you need to:
  • If you are not already, become a member of the USA (Unicycling Society of America). http://archive.uniusa.org/join/
  • Print out the registration form from the Toronto Unicyclists web site (or use the form in the December 2000 issue of OOW).
  • Fill in one form for each participant.
  • Mail in your application along with a cheque for the required funds.

Because there are only 100 dormitory rooms available from Humber College (main location of most events) at this time we are accepting bookings on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you are interested in a dorm please book early. If any information about the convention is missing from the site please e-mail myself or TorontoUnicyclists@Canada.com and we'll get it on the site.

2001 NUC Workshops: [by Don Tai] We are looking for experts in the unicycling world that would like to conduct workshops. Besides improving the general level of unicycling throughout the world, fellow unicyclists will bestow on you unheard of levels of peer recognition. Qualifications for workshop coaches include: handsome/beautiful, excellent communications skills, willingness to teach others your amazing skills, wicked on one wheel. Ok, we'll waive the first qualification. If you are interested please write to TorontoUnicyclists@Canada.com with what kind of workshop you want to conduct, your qualifications, and your contact information.

MUni Weekend
[by Idaho Joe]

Greetings all. At the last MUni Weekend it was suggested that we hold next year’s here at Sun Valley Idaho. Since then I have scouted some trails, especially one that has access from the top of Galena Summit and returns to the highway fifteen hundred feet lower at Galena Lodge. This trail has some short difficult stretches with some short uphill challenges on the way to Titus Lake, but the long stretches are fairly easy. This combination should provide interesting riding for everyone, and the scenery is excellent. I will be attempting to scout an extreme option from the trail that ascends to above the lake. Also, I was trying to find a way from the Adam's Gulch trail, across to my favorite extreme downhill into the Warm Springs area, near Apple's Bar and Grill. This ride would be a Friday extreme for crazy people only. One option is a hiked ascent through Eve Gulch. I suppose the ride could be called Adam, Eve, and the apple. The topo map shows that it probably involves a 2000 foot climb. An easier option would be for riders to return down Adams Gulch, which is one of my favorite rides also. Adams gulch has a series of log bridges that are a couple feet above a shallow stream and are challenging. Also it has some short uphill challenges. The descent into Warm Springs is a series of steep switchbacks through the sagebrush. I have begun to accumulate a stash of materials to make some trials obstacles. I have five large diameter logs about eight feet long, several beams of various widths and lengths, and a huge pile of redwood 2 by 6. Also I have several stumps, some plywood and some chunks of beams.

Hockey at UNICON 10
[by Rolf Sander]

Dear unicycle-hockey fans, all the results from the Unicycle-Hockey Tournament at UNICON 10 in Beijing, China are now available on the web at: www.unicycling.org/hockey/unicon10.html. For many German unicyclists, and probably for some others as well, the hockey tournament was the main reason for coming to UNICON X in China. 20 teams from 9 countries (China, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, USA) registered for the tournament. Amongst them were Bochum, who won the hockey tournament at the previous UNICON, and LaHiMo 1, who came in second. Probably the most exciting game was the quarterfinal between Duesseldorf and LaHiMo 2. The score after regular time was 1:1. In the five minutes extra time each team shot one more goal. That was still a draw and so the decision had to be made in a penalty shooting. Each player of each team had one shot from a distance of 6.50 m. Takafumi Ogasawara, the goal keeper of LaHiMo 2 (at age 60), showed an amazing performance and led his team to a 5:2 victory. Bochum and LaHiMo 1 already met in the semifinal. So only one of them would reach the final. LaHiMo 1 managed to win this important game 5:3. The other team to reach the final was TCUC. In the end the hockey experience won over the unicycling skill 23:2 and LaHiMo became the unicycle-hockey world champion 2000. A list of all games is available on the net at: www.mpch-mainz.mpg.de/~sander/uni/unicon10.html

NUC 2002 and UNICON XI
[by Barb Kowalski]

Just as everyone is just thinking about Toronto we are starting to thinking about NUC 2002 and UNICON XI in Washington. Here are the proposed dates of these events:
July 20 (Saturday): NUC Registration
July 21 (Sunday) 26 (Thursday): Events
July 26 (Friday): Free day
July 27 (Saturday): UNICON XI Registration
July 28 (Sunday) - August 3 and/or August 4: Events

This is just a start. These dates are not definite yet. We are looking to see if there are any conflicts with other events.

Schedule of unicycling events

  • 2001 National Unicycle Convention (North America); July 15 - 20, 2001, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Eurocycle 2001; July 20-22, 2001; Tamarside Community College, England 2001.
  • MUni Weekend; summer 2001; probably to be held over Labor Day weekend in Idaho, USA.
  • 2002 National Unicycle Convention, North Bend, Washington, USA; summer 2002.
  • 11th World Unicycling Championship (UNICON XI), North Bend, Washington, USA; summer 2002.
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