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November 15, 2000

Why No Newsletters?
(by John Foss)

The Unicycling Society of America is run completely by unpaid volunteers. Those volunteers usually have very full lives outside of their USA tasks, and sometimes things get behind. We tried tripling our newsletter editor's salary, but she wasn't impressed. As she is aware of her lack of time, Constance Cotter will step down from the role of editor next summer, or when a replacement can be found. If you are interested in writing for ON ONE WHEEL, please contact the USA at usa-officers@uniusa.org (this will reach all the officers).

How Do I Know If My Membership Is Being Processed?
(by John Foss)

Memberships are handled by the Vice President. Our new VP Brian Berlin recently changed jobs, and suddenly he had no spare time in which to do the USA memberships. A new volunteer was found, Eric Kvamme of Scotts Valley, CA. Eric is just getting up to speed, and will catch up as fast as he can. But you might not receive anything in the mail until the next ON ONE WHEEL becomes available. If you haven't received anything by the end of the year, please contact us and we will look into your membership.

Memberships and OOW

Yes, we are still accepting memberships; no, you haven't missed the latest issue of OOW (the most recent was the March 2000 issue). The good news is that your "annual" membership in the USA entitles you to four issues of OOW, no matter how frequently they come out. The bad news has been that we are an all-volunteer organization and sometimes work schedules and other factors out of our control cause some delays (see above). We hope to have the next issue out before the end of the year.

2001 National Unicycle Convention
(by the Toronto Unicyclists)

The Toronto Unicyclists are pleased to announce that the 2001 National Unicycle Convention will be held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada from July 15th to July 20th, 2001. With an expected 400 unicyclists to attend, this will be an excellent opportunity to meet the faces that have shaped the world of unicycling. The main events will be held at the world-class facilities of Humber College, with track events being held at York University. Both campuses are located within Metropolitan Toronto. We welcome all unicycle clubs in the U.S., Canada, and around the world to join us for a unique celebration of our sport. For more details please visit our site at:

http//torontounicyclists.tripod.com/tnucmain.htm or contact us by e-mail. See you there.

USA Championship Club:

Andy Cotter has stepped down from running USA Championship Club and Kevin Gilbertson has volunteered to take over. Gilby has taken care of the Championship T-shirts since 1996. Thank you Andy and Gilby for all your work!

The Championship Club helps recognize our unicycling champions and also helps buy equipment for use at NUC. The Championship Club is funded by contributions from individuals and unicycle clubs. To find out more about the Championship Club or to donate, visit: http://archive.uniusa.org/competition/championshipclub/


Want to see some pictures? Check out the following:
www.unicycling.com/ofoto (then click on "China, UNICON X") - 292 photos

Washington State Records Day
(by Barb Kowalski)

The Second almost annual Washington State Unicycle Records Day was a success (October 14th). 113 riders registered and participated in workshops with Kris Holm, Dan Heaton, Andy Cotter, Connie Cotter, Dustin Kelm, Irene and Kay Genelin, and John Foss. (Thanks to all of you for being able to attend). The riders and spectators were also treated to a fine display of riding and skills by the above guests. Kay Genelin hosted a workshop for parents of competing riders. The riders went to the track in the afternoon to run the following races: 100 meter, 400 meter, 800 meter and the 1600 meter. It seemed to be a good day for all. The sun even came out. Many thanks to the Panther Pride Demo Team and Alan Tepper for hosting this event.

Eurocycle 2001
(by Rolf Sander)

Eurocycle is the annual EUROpean uniCYCLE meeting and will be held from 20 to 22 July 2001 (Fri-Sun) at the Tamarside Community College in England. People can start arriving on 19 July. As soon as I know more, you can find more information on my web page at: www.mpch-mainz.mpg.de/~sander/uni/eurocycle.html

Schedule of unicycling events:

  • 2001 National Unicycle Convention (North America); July 15 - 20, 2001, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Eurocycle 2001; July 20-22, 2001; Tamarside Community College, England
  • 2001 MUni Weekend; summer 2001; date and place to be arranged (tentatively planned for Idaho)
  • 2002 National Unicycle Convention, North Bend, Washington, USA; summer 2002
  • 11th World Unicycling Championship (UNICON XI), North Bend, Washington, USA; summer 2002
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