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April 6, 2000

On One Wheel

The latest issue of the magazine On One Wheel (OOW) is out (I got mine in the mail today)! Besides a lot of interesting and informative articles, it has registration information for both the National Unicycle Convention (NUC) 2000 in Adrian, Michigan on July 20 through July 23 and the 10th World Unicycling Championship (UNICON X) in Beijing, China from August 1 through August 8.

The time it takes to receive your copy of OOW varies depending on location, so be patient if you haven't gotten yours yet.

(written by Andy Cotter)

The Unicon X website has been updated. Besides some minor additions and corrections, there is also a new menu item called 'Traveling FAQ'. This new FAQ is from my experiences of being in Beijing last January. While it is only my experience, it can help people prepare for the trip. Check it out at: http://www.unicycling.org/iuf/unicon10/.

The FAQ also has information for TeamUSA. Since I'm coordinator of TeamUSA, I also want to know who from the United States is planning on going. When giving me your name, also give me an interest level of 1 through 3 where:

1 = I'm thinking about going,
2 = I'm going but haven't booked my airfare yet, and
3 = I've booked my airfare! I'm going!

NUC 2000

It's coming sooner than we think! In Oregon (where I am writing from), we just changed to daylight savings time, the trees and flowers are starting to bloom, the sun is coming out more often, and the air is warmer. It's time to get those riding legs in shape!

NUC 2000 is being co-hosted by Wood One Wheelers (WOW) of Ohio, and Redford Township Unicycle Club (RTUC) of Michigan. The NUC directors are Jan Layne of WOW and Dottie Sogoian of RTUC. It takes a lot of work and volunteers to put on a good convention. If you can possibly help, let them know and they'll find something you can do!

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