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January 28, 2000

National Unicycle Convention (NUC) 2000

July 20-23 at Adrian College, Adrian, Michigan. A registration form will soon be available in ON ONE WHEEL. For more information, visit www.rtuc.org.

Next issue of On One Wheel (OOW)

As I write this our newsletter editor, Constance Cotter, informs us that she will be putting the finishing touches on it (hopefully) in the next week or so (depending on her other responsibilites - remember that she is an unpaid volunteer! Thanks for your work, Connie!). Then it's the logistics of getting it printed, ready for mailing, etc. I'll try to let you know when it is actually in the mail.

Recent problems with memberships, etc.

Some of you are aware that the USA has been having some problems responding timely to requests for new memberships, etc. We are an all volunteer organization and are geographically dispersed (Washington, California, Michigan, MInnesota, Ohio). We all have lots of other responsibilities and lead busy lives. Also, sometimes communication between officers doesn't work as well as it should. Memberships and our member database are the responsibility of the vice president. Due to changes in work duties and the realization that the job demanded more time than he had available, the vice president recently resigned from this position. We are in the process of recruiting a new vice president to handle these duties and expect to be able to announce a replacement soon. If you haven't received your new membership, information, or merchandise which you requested, please forgive us. We are doing our best to correct the problem. Meanwhile, please continue to be patient, but feel free to contact either of the following with your concerns, complaints, frustrations, etc.

Scott Arnold, Secretary <jodya@efn.org>
John Foss, President <jfoss@unicycling.com>

Unicon X update

A lot has happened here. Alberto Ruiz (IUF President), Jack Halpern (IUF Vice-President) and Andy Cotter (IUF Technical Consutant to China) all recently travelled to China (at the invitation of the hosts) as consultants. Check out the UNICON X website for further details!
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