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January 25, 2000:
NEW Redesigned USA Website
by Kevin "Gilby" Gilbertson - USA Webmaster

The Unicycling Society of America's Website has been redesigned and reorganized with lots of new content and there much more to come.

Besides a nice colorful design and easier navigation, the site includes some new and updated features such as an online version of the unicycling updates, the world and national unicycling records, information about the USA Championship Club, and the USA Discussion Group.

Online Unicycling Updates

Now the updates that you receive via e-mail can also be viewed on the web.

World and National Unicycling Records

This part of the site now includes the results from the 1999 National Unicycle Convention.

USA Championship Club

This new section of the site explains what the championship does and how you can help. It also provides a way for you to let us know what you would like the Championship Club to be doing to help the organization of the National unciycle Convention and to encourage unicyclists.

USA Discussion List

The USA now has an e-mail discussion group (USA-Discuss). USA-Discuss is open to anyone that has an interest in what the USA does and would like to help out. The purpose of USA-Discuss is to discuss new ideas and actions for the USA. To subscribe to USA-Discuss, send an e-mail to majordomo@gilby.com with "subscribe usa-discuss" in the BODY of the message.

What's to come!

There are lots of new features that will be coming in the future to the USA Website, some of those are:
  • Unicycling Tutorials
    Such as Bill Gilbertson's Audience Appeal workshop and Connie Cotter's Standard Skill Tips for competitors and judges. More unicycling tutorials will be added to the website in the future that were made by USA members like you. If you have ideas or would like to contribute a tutorial to add to the web site, then please let us know by filling in the feedback form on the website or contacting me by e-mail at <webmaster@gilby.com>.
  • On One Wheel Forums
    After reading the On One Wheel, you will be able come to the USA website and tell everyone what you think of the article, subject, or unicycling in general. In some cases you can discuss the topic with the author of the article as well as other readers of the magazine.
  • And much more!
    If you have ideas for the USA Website, please let me know at <webmaster@gilby.com>.
Please browse around the site and let me know what you think.

See You Online!

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