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NUC 2000

2000 National Unicycle Convention
Adrian, Michigan

NUC 2000 Logo. NUC 2000 will be held in Adrian, Michigan from July 20 - 23, 2000 and will be hosted by the Redford Township Unicycle Club and the Wood One Wheelers. Check back soon for more details and check out the Official 2000 National Unicycle Convention Website that is maintained by the organizers.

Registration Form

The registration form is now available in the form of a PDF file. Click here for the NUC2000 registration form.

Schedule of Events

What events are happening when at NUC 2000.


Meet new people and learn some new unicycling skills during the workshops at NUC 2000.

So far the following workshops are planned:

If you want to run a workshop at NUC 2000, please contact Dottie Sogoian.

Some Questions and Answers about NUC 2000 by John Foss

Got a question about NUC 2000? Then check thisQ & A first.

Getting to Adrian College

Map of Adrian College. Here is a map of where Adrian College is located. Click on the image to see it in a larger view.

Maps are also available that show how to get from the two closest airports:

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