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USA Merchandise


The IUF Achievement Skill Levels Demonstrated (VHS)
Top unicyclists demonstrate required skills in the 10 Skill Levels. 35 min. $23.50 (domestic), $32.00 (foreign)


On One Wheel Single Back Issue
Order a single issue from 1974 to the current issue. $4.00
On One Wheel Complete Set (1974-1993)
The complete set of On One Wheel from 1974 to 1993 $70.00


Patches photo
USA Logo Patch
Embroidered in red and royal blue, may be worn separately or with the Level Patches. 4". $2.50
Level Patches
Chevrons shaped to fit beneath the logo; patches are added as advanced levels are achieved. $1.50


jewelry photo Unicycle Charm - Sterling Silver $5.50

Unicycle tie tack (pin) - gold plated $5.00


Juggling by Charlie Holland.
Regency House Publishing Limited, 1994. 80 page hardback book. Covers a wide variety of juggling props and tricks. $14.00

Ordering Information

Alas, we still don't have online ordering. You can, however, download the order form and mail it in. Thanks!
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