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Unicycling's World Championships

The USA Convention used to be the end of the road in unicycling competition. That was it. But starting in 1984, the International Unicycling Federation has put on a world championships event, that brings together the best unicyclists in the world. The name is a mashup of UNIcycle and CONvention. These events are held in a different location every two years and are similar in format to the USA conventions, only bigger. And more competitive. It's the best place in the world to see a wide variety of unicycling styles, disciplines, talent and creativity.

Unicon XV will be in Wellington, New Zealand December 27, 2009 through January 7, 2010 in Wellington New Zealand. The unusual dates are to correspond with summer down there.

USA Team at Unicon

All the American participants at Unicon make up the USA Team. To "show off our colors" at Unicon events, such as the opening and closing ceremonies, we make up some "USA Team-wear" for each unicon. There is no funding for this, so you have to buy your own.

Right now we're on a short deadline for getting your orders in! Generally these are just offered to USA members attending Unicon, but other members can order them as well.

In addition to the usual T-shirts, this year we're ordering hoodies, "wicking" T-shirts (a polyester material that passes sweat) and baseball hats. The hats will have the design embroidered on them.

For more information on the USA Team products for Unicon XV, please contact Bonnie Messing.


Design for USA Team T-shirt (3 colors):
T-shirt design


Design for wicking shirts (2 colors):
Wicking shirt design

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