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Championship Club

The USA Championship Club helps promote unicycling, gives newer riders something to work towards, helps recognize the top unicyclists, and helps provide neccessary equipment for use at North American Unicycling Championships and Convention. The Championship Club is funded by contributions from unicycle clubs as well as individuals.

Currently, the Championship Club has provided the following services:

  • Expert Competitor T-shirts
  • Best Time Certificates & Pins
  • Photographs for competitors
With enough funding, we would like to be able to provide in the future:
  • Scholarships
  • Timing System and Stop watches.
  • Quality Sound System
  • Curtain Backdrops
  • and other items to support the convention hosts.
Here are the T-shirt designs for a few of the years that were all designed by Gilby:
1996 Expert Competitor T-shirt Design 1997 Expert Competitor T-shirt Design
1996 1997
1998 Expert Competitor T-shirt Design 1999 Expert Competitor T-shirt Design
1998 1999

How to contribute

To contribute to the Championship Club, please send donations to:
USA Championship Club
Kevin Gilbertson
4047 86th LN NE
Blaine, MN 55014
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