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...and other Volunteers

These are the officers of the Unicycling Society of America as well as other volunteers. Please note that all are volunteers, and none are paid for the many hours they spend on USA business; their work is greatly appreciated.

2010 - 2011 Officers and Directors

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Wendy Grzych, Michigan


Max Schultze, New Mexico


Bob Griffin, Pennsylvania


Hans Mills, Michigan

On One Wheel Editor

Amanda Grzych, Michigan


Joe Lind (term expires 2012)

Bonnie Messing (term expires 2012)

Nicole Crook (term expires 2013)

Scott Wilton (term expires 2014)

Appointed Positions


John Foss

Merchandise Manager

Tim Lee

Membership Data Coordinator

Hans Mills

Affiliate Coordinator

Bonnie Messing and Carol Bricker

Teen Leader

Ryan Woessner

IUF Representative

Carol Bricker

Rulebook Chair

Connie Cotter


Carol Brichford

Presidents Emeritus

Bernard Crandall, Paul Fox, Brett Shockley, Jan Layne, Tom Miller, Glen Barnier, Jim Bursell, Kenneth Fuchs, Gordon Mitton, Len Salverda, Seth Granberry, John Foss, Dr. Miles S. Rogers, Rick Anderson, Dirk Iwema, Tom Daniels, Connie Cotter

Founding Members

Bernard Crandall, Paul Fox, Nancy Fox, Peter Hangach, Patricia Herror, Bill Jenack, Gordon Kruse, Steve McPeak, Fr. James Moran, Dr. Miles S. Rogers, Charlotte Fox Rogers, Andy Rubel, Dr. Claude Shannon, Jim Smith, Dr. Jack Wiley


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